Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Instagram Style: Christina Ricci in Abodi to Promote ''Yellowjackets''

Christina Ricci is currently promoting the new season of 'Yellowjackets' and her stylist Alexandra Mandlekorn posted her new look on instagram.  

She posed for the gram in a ABODI FALL 2022 black & brown leather, checkered dress which was accessorized with LE VIAN jewelry and PRADA pumps. Because it's leather, it might be a little too thick for the season but it's not a bad look in general. 

My only quibble is that I wish her hair was completely off-the-shoulders. Also the sleeves length and the hem differs on Christina, mostly like because of her height. Nonetheless, it was a great press look. 

Credit: Alexandra Mandlekorn instagram, Abodi

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1 comment:

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