Monday, February 13, 2023

95th Oscar Nominee Luncheon

Ahead of the big awards ceremony, the 2023 Oscar Nominee Luncheon was held in the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton this afternoon in LA. 

Angela Bassett's style continues to evolve and she is have more & more fun with her choices. She stood out in a MOSCHINO SPRING 2023 black & white stripe suit. The color combo looked amazing on her. EFFY jewelry finished up her look. 

Austin Butler wore a GIORGIO ARMANI FALL 2023 double-breasted suit and I actually prefer the runway's styling.

Hong Chau wore a DIRES VAN NOTEN SPRING 2023 color-block dress which was layered on sheer pants. Although, I am not 100% sold, she doesn't look bad.  

Jenny Slate wore a red ROSIE ASSOULIN FALL 2022 dress. Love the color but I dislike the design of the top and her shoe choice. Gold or silver metallic would have been better.

Ruth Carter looked sophisticated and beautiful wearing CAROLINA HERRERA FALL 2022. 

Tom Cruise got suited in one of his go to designer brands BIRONI. I am glad that he added a tie that was interesting and stood out. 

Colin Farrell kept it simple in a charcoal grey suit. A better tie would have elevated this. 

Jamie Lee Curtis wore the ALEXANDER MCQUEEN leaf crepe, drop hem blazer suit in a light blue hue. Truthfully, I prefer the red but she chose the right hue that works for her. I just wish that she had the pants hemmed. 

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1 comment:

  1. Jaime looks great in her suit version, get rid the accessories though. Love Dries Van Noten being worn. Angela really sells her outfit. Finally Austin isn't in a black suit and it pays off for him well.