Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Instagram Style: Beyonce in Prada

Beyonce is living her best life now, coming off of the highest grossing tour of the year and a number one film. She served us with a look which she posted on her instagram page. 

She posed for the gram a PRADA sheer nude turtleneck and nude sequin hot pants which was layered with a fur coat. There has been all this talk about her bleaching her skin but remember, Bey is a light skin black woman which means her skin becomes pale in cooler temperature. 

Also, factor in the platinum blonde hair and the lighting from the camera, you can see why she looks so light. Me personally, I think the conversation about this is very ignorant. Any who, as far as this look is concerned, I actually like it. 

It's giving ''I don't give a you know what about you haters, I am a diva living my best life'' and I am here for it. My only quibble is that I felt like a burgundy lip color would have offered up the perfect color balance. Nonetheless, she looked great. Are you feeling Bey's look?

Credit: Beyonce instagram, Prada

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