Friday, June 14, 2024

Austin Butler in Gucci at 'The Bikeriders' Rome Photocall

Following the London screening, Austin Butler made his way to Rome for 'The Bikeriders' photocall which was held at Hotel Hassler on Thursday(June 13th). 

If Austin does anything right, it's going to be rocking a suit. He tends to make great choices in that department, but sometimes I question the styling which makes a big difference in the overall outcome of any look. 

I like this three-piece grey suit that he chose from the GUCCI FALL 2024 collection. On the runway, it was shown in ivory and in black, but of course his version is custom. I like all three colors and I feel like he could have pulled it off either way. I just don't like the pairing of the brown shoes with this grey suit, because they don't look good. 

Austin is too cool for sneakers, so I do see him ever going that route which probably wouldn't work in his favor. I feel like he could have went the predictable route, and wore black shoes or maybe some cool loafers. If you look past the shoes, you can see that he looked great. What do you think of Austin's look?

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