Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'The Bra Book' Launch Party Hosted by Bravo

Me with singer Kat Deluna left and Author Jene Luciani right

Jene Luciani's "The Bra Book" is the perfect read for anyone trying to figure out if they are wearing the right bra and how to find it. A launch party was held to celebrate the release and guest sipped on cocktails made by Nuvo and ate cupcakes as we waited for Jene's arrival. Her arrival was no short of grand as she entered wearing a "bra dress" that I thought was so cute. She posed for pics and strutted through the crowd. Singer Kat Deluna was on hand and she also debut her hot new single "Dancing Tonight" that me and everbody loved. The book however is a must read for all women because I know that most of us aren't wearing the right bra and this book could help.

The book goes into details on how bras work and how women can make their bras work for them. Author Jene Luciani is a fashion expert and she gives every women the formula needed to find a new bra and most importantly, how to make it last. So if you are questioning the fit, look and style of you bra, than this is the book for you. The book is available now at bookstores and Amazon.com.

If you want more updates about this, visit www.thebrabook.com

Kat Deluna, Jene Luciani and DJ Shef

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