Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Loeffler Randall Launches Bridal Collection

LOEFFLER RANDALL'S bridal collection launched today on their website in an array of styles that are playful and classic but with a modern twist. You still have your traditional style like the Zuri Rosette Stiletto(shown above) that comes in blush and white with a tulle rosette detail. This is one of Jessica Randall's, the Creative Director top pick. The Natane Lace-up Stiletto in midnight velvet(shown below), is also one of Jessica's top pick and a favorite of mine. These strappy stiletto's are perfect for the confident bride to showcase her inner fashionista and to keep with the tradition of something blue on her special day. This stiletto also comes in a "Platium metallic lizard leather print", which is very bold but doable.

The collection has styles fitting for all brides who wants to be beautiful and elegant on her wedding day while setting trends. Continue to see more styles and to find out the inspiration behind Jessica Randall's Bridal Collection. Also to shop the entire bridal collection click here.

Jessie’s Inspiration:
“I was thinking about designing shoes that would make a bride feel beautiful and also like she wasn't giving up her own personal style on her wedding day. I love the ZURI with the tulle rosette on the front.They are so elegant and special.”

Credit:Loeffler Randall

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