Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wacoal Anti-Cellulite iPant Challenge Day 6

DAY 6 of Challenge
Fashionista's I am on coming off of Day 6 of the WACOAL Anti-Cellulite iPant Challenge. If you go back to  Day 5, I told you that I got the same results from the day before. Well on Day 6 I decided to wear them with some skinny leg denim. With the iPant on, my jeans felt a little tighter in the thigh area however it was still comfortable. I was able to move around like usually so the little tightness that I felt didn't bother me. Also if you look at the picture, you can't tell that I am wearing it which is a good thing to me. When I took them off after a 8 hour day, my legs still felt soft and look smoother. 22 more days to go, stay tune!

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