Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wacoal Anti-Cellulite iPant Challenge Day 7

DAY 7 Challenge
I am coming off of Day 7 of my challenge to test out the benefits of WACOAL'S Anti-Cellulite Long Leg Shaper iPant. Go back to Day 6 when I told you that I wore them under skinny leg denim. My pants felt a little tight but it was still comfortable and I was able to move around like normal. On the seventh day, I found that the iPant offer good support and my skin has never felt so soft. I invited a few friends over yesterday to tell them about the iPant and they loved it. I even modeled it for them and they loved the look, feel and the weight of them. I literally had to wrestle one of my friends because she wanted to try mine on and I said no of coruse. They loved what they heard about the benefits and said they will be trying it also. 21 more days left to go so stay tune!

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