Monday, November 7, 2011

Give the Perfect Gift: Lashes from RevitaLash

Having long & beautiful eyelashes are hard to come by but not anymore and with the holiday season quickly approaching, you can give the gift of beautiful lashes. For holiday 2011, REVITALASH has the perfect gift set to give to enhance your natural lash. The three piece set comes with a Volumizing Mascara & Primer and a Advanced Conditioner. RevitaLash was developed by Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D. as gift for his wife while she was recovering from breast cancer treatments. Her intensive chemotherapy damaged her lashes, leaving them thin and brittle. Dr. Brinkenhoff has been practicing for over 25 years and decided to create a formula to help bring back the health, strength and beauty back into his wife natural lashes. He put together a talented team of chemist that helped to bring to life REVITALASH. I have been using these products for the past month and I must say that I love it. My lashes are very thin and long but after using this, it looks much fuller and beautiful. I have received several compliments since using it. The primer is blue and it helps to enhance your color while the mascara adds the  volume. The advance conditioner is used each night before you go to bed with one stroke across your lashes to help nourish them. The gift set retails for $150(USD) and will be the perfect gift to give to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their natural lash. To find out more details about the product and to purchase it go to

With a custom designed brush, this clump free mascara will have your lashes looking fuller, thicker and more beautiful than ever. Your lashes will be more defined and separate for a clean and popping finish.

This matte formula helps to adhere to your lashes while the blue color helps to intensify you eye and mascara color.

RevitaLash Advanced Conditioner - 6 months supply: 3.5 ml/0.118 Fl. Oz. $150
                                                               3 months supply: 2.0 ml/0.067 Fl. Oz. $98
This formula contains a proprietary blend of proven functional cosmetic ingredients pioneered by Athena, combined with an infusion of powerful peptides and soothing botanicals, designed to both beautify and nourish the eyelashes.

Credit: RevitaLash®

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