Friday, May 11, 2012

Nina Dobrev Unveils her "got milk" Ad & Launches "Like Her, Like Me" Campaign with Mom

On yesterday evening I attended the unveiling for "The Vampire Dairies" star Nina Dobrev "Got Milk" ad campaign with her mother at the Hearst Towers. Also it was the launch of the "Like Her, Like Me" program which celebrates the special moments with mothers and daughters and the power of positive influence with Seventeen Magazine. Guest's sipped on milk and ate different kinds of cereal and treats. It was really fun for the young tweens that attended. Nina hit the white carpet wearing a neon pink GABRIELA CADENA SPRING 2012 mini with a plunging V-neckline, satin fold detailing and ruffled detail on the shoulder. Long loose waves, the JIMMY CHOO "Tema" sandals, smokey eyes and glossy lips completed her look. Nina has already worn pieces from this designer on several different occasions recently so it is safe to say, she is a fan. I thought she looked great and I like the color.

Nina and her mother's "Got Milk" Ad Campaign

So together with Seventeen magazine, Nina and her mom are on the search for three mother-daughter teams who represents what it means to be a role model in each other's life. The winners will get to experience what it is like to be a "got milk?" celebrity when they pose together in a campaign with a milk mustache to be featured in Seventeen magazine in the Fall. Nina and her mother talked to the daughters and mothers attendees at the event and engaged in activities with them. I had a chance to chat with Nina, continue below to see what she had to say about her mom, the campaign and her gorgeous gown at the MET Gala. Also see more images from the event.

Nina Dobrev and her mother Michaela Dobrev

On her Gown from the 2012 MET Gala?
I had on a custom gown by Donna Karan and it was really amazing, what could be better. I loved it and I felt great. Although I was very tucked in. I was literally sewed into it though but it was okay.

How does it feel to be part of this campaign, and to share it with your mother?
It's something great, I remembered seeing the ads when I was a little girl and now I get to be in one of them and share the experience with my mom. It's really cool and so much fun. I am always in front of the camera and my mom is always on the side, now she is in front with me so it's cool. We are going to turn this into a whole "girls weekend", we're getting pampered. It's so exciting to see the ad with us.

How did your mom influence you?
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my mom, she is an artist and has always supported me. She always helps me out, also she taught me how to stay grounded and how to keep my head on my shoulders.

What are your plans for her on mother's day?
I brought her to NYC and we don't get to see each other that often because I travel so much and so does she so she is going to be here for five days with me and I am going to take her to dinner, spa treatments, plays and spend a lot of quality time. I can't tell you what I got her for mother's day though(laughs) because I don't want her to find out.

Publisher Jayne Jamison left, Nina Dobrev middle and Ann Shoket right

Me with the Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine Ann Shoket

Seventeen's Amy Laing, Nina Dobrev, Nina's mom Michaela, Victor Zaborsky and the Milkman onstage

Photos:Gabriela Cadena,Me

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