Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Discover the Temptu Airbrush Make-up System


Every women wants to look beautiful, especially for that special occasion. Discover the TEMPTU Airbrush Make-up system which allows your beauty to shine with every spray. From fashion, film, music & television, Temptu has created magic for some iconic figures. The Temptu brand was created behind the scenes from the brain child of a professional make-up and now you have the opportunity to try the airbrush make-up & beauty products at home. 

Temptu's Airbrush Make-up kit & patented AIRpod make-up is the first ever professional, easy-to-use, home airbrush make-up system. Coming from someone who is not that savvy when it comes to things like this, I found the use of this product to be as simple as 1-2-3. You would be surprised at how many celebs actually use the airbrush make-up to create a flawless red carpet look which is available to you as well. Celebs like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman & Scarlette Johansson use the Temptu airbrush make-up system.

Prada, Christian Dior, BCBG MaxAzria & Helmut Lang, have used it for their runway shows & it has also been used on Mad Men, The Voice & Dance with the Stars.


I am giving One lucky reader the opportunity to win the Temptu Airbrush Make-up Kit & AIRpods. Also if you like, use this exclusive code: HROXHSTD, for a 20% discount off your purchase when you but the Temptu Airbrush Make-up Kit & AIRpod. Continue below to see how I used & looked after using the Temptu Airbrush kit.

I had so much fun trying out the Temptu Airbrush system and I am never using a brush aging to put my make-up on. I love the finish the airbrush gives and it looks more natural. When using the Airbrush system, follow these steps when applying. Continue below to see how I used & looked after using the Temptu Airbrush kit.

Step 1: Assemble & prepare you pod system for use. Assembling will on take a few seconds because all that requires is connecting the nozzle of the AIRcompressor. Before each use, gently shake the AIRpod to ensure that you have a smooth color. 

Step 2: Remove the chrome cap & tamper seal from the AIRpod, then pull the clear loop while holding the AIRpod tip up. This helps to loosen it up. Also plus the black plug out(next to the clear loop) before every use to allow make-up to spray.

Step 3: When attaching the AIRpod to the AIRbrush, press down on the release button and push the AIRpod into the AIRbrush horizontally. You should hear when it snaps into place. Also when you want to remove the AIRpod from the AIRbrush, hold down the release button as well.

Step 4: To get started, press the power button on top of the AIRcompressor and you will hear the air coming through as well as feeling a cool touch. Make sure the dial is set at the 3 o'clock when applying the foundation for a smooth finish. 

Step 5: When using the Foundation AIRbrush Make-up, hold the AIRbrush like a pencil downward toward your face about 4-6 inches. The Temptu team has a simple trick you can use to ensure you are holding at the right distance. It should be a hand away from your face so you can use that to ensure the right distance. Then gently pull back on the trigger to about the middle section and move in small circular motions. It is important to move in slow & in a small circular motion because if you move to fast and all over the place, it will create a patchy wet look. However you can use the tip of your fingers or a brush to smooth it out correctly. Then just repeat until you reach the smooth look you want.

Step 6: When using the Blush AIRbrush Make-up start at the apples of the cheeks, sweeping upwards to the temple. If you want a dramatic flush, repeat the same step. What I love about the blush is that it doubles as a lip stain which I have on my lips in the images above. When using it as a lip stain, come close to the lips( about an inch), make a pout, then press lightly on the trigger. Then blot lips together. The blush color I have on is 'Blushing Coral'. Also when using the blush on the, turn the dial to 12 o'clock.

Step 7: I never really highlight my eyes but I did use a little of the 'Gold' highlighter to add a touch of shimmer around my eyes. When highlighting your eyes with the Highlighter AIRbrush Make-up, turn the dial to 12 o'clock, sweep the AIRbrush back & forth in a 'C' motion from the brow bone to the cheek bone. This also doubles as a shadow and could also be used to highlight the inner core of the eyes.

Their you have it. This is a quick and easy way to create the perfect red carpet look for any occasion. Also when you are using the AIRbrush on your face, the touch is light & smooth and very relaxing. To learn more about the Temptu AIRbrush Make-up system, go to www.temptu.com and be sure to follow Temptu on Facebook & Twitter for updates and more. Also don't forget to enter the contest for your chance to win the TEMPTU AIRbrush Kit. Will you or have you tried AIRbrush make-up?

Disclosure: This post & contest is sponsored by TEMPTU.

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