Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tips on Shopping for Shoes That Won't Hurt

We all want to rock the newest and hottest designer shoes whether we can afford them or not but we can't always walk in them. Designers continue to push the envelope when it comes to fashion shoes. Heels are definitely higher and are being done in different shapes and/or structured styles. However that doesn't make all of them wearable.

My personal advice to all, if your shoes hurt when you're trying them on at the store & you can't walk in them, then don't buy it. Why waist money on shoes that you are going to wear one night because they hurt so much. I have to admit though, I love my high heels, mainly 3-4 inches but I do rock kitten heel pumps at times. I try to give my feet a break by switching up between flats & heels from which I was advised by my podiatrist. 

However NYC podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine has some great tips on how to buy shoes that won't end up buried in the back of your closet. Women have higher arches, but less muscle and cartilage than men. Which means, it takes longer for women to break in their shoes than men. Check out some tips below from Dr. Levine on buying the right shoe.

1. Flex the shoe: 
Firstly, you’ll want to use both hands and test the flexibility of your potential new shoes. The forefoot is between the ball of your foot and your toes—this is the area you’ll want to flex. It takes the biggest beating, especially for men, or women who wear high heels.

2. Look for built-in comfort: 
Look for memory foam or latex insoles. These can help customize your shoes to your feet.

3. Timing is everything: 
The best time to shop for shoes is 3 pm, because your feet tend to swell over the course of the day (as much as half a size in width). This is due to fluid retention and gravity.

4. Face the facts: 
Be honest with yourself and acknowledge your shoe size. Everyone’s feet change as we age, and childbirth can certainly lead to drastic changes in size/width.

5. Fix it in post: 
When in doubt, you can go to a shoe repair shop and have your shoes stretched out for relatively cheap.

Finally, remember that some shoes can be broken in, and others are just poorly made. Use the tips above, and your own best judgment, to shop smarter this summer. Also don't forget to check out all of Dr. Levine's fabulous products at  pillowsforyourfeet.com.

Photo/Credit: Style.com, Dr. Suzanne Levine

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