Thursday, May 19, 2016

Marion Cotillard in J.W. Anderson & Christian Dior Couture at the It's Only The End of The World 69th Cannes Film Festival Photocall & Premiere

Following her previous outing, Marion Cotillard attended the It's Only The End of The World (Juste La Fin Du Monde) photocall & premiere during the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. 

At the photocall she wore a J.W. ANDERSON FALL 2016 long sleeve black sheer and gold studded shirt with a button front bib and a black pleated tier maxi skirt. I feel like this look had potential to work but the styling killed that. I just don't think these pieces work together. Also I don't like the pointy toe ankle boots with this.

For the premiere, she slipped into a CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE strapless black split neck bustier dress layered with a crepe & satin tie waist skirt. Love her beauty look but I am not a fan of this dress. I like the idea of it but I think it's the material that's putting me off. Also I think a statement strappy sandal would have worked better.

Does either of Marion's look work for you?

Credit: StarTraks Photos,



  1. The first look is so terrible!!!! The second look is not too bad, but it looks so cheap. That's couture??? Smh

  2. The photocall look is bad, the change of skirt from the runway made everything worse and makes the whole thing look dark and heavy, it's a mess. She really doesn't pull off the top either. I actually am somewhat intrigued by what I see on the runway, but nothing about it is working on Marion.
    The premiere look is alright for me, it looks slightly better on some other pictures, her hair and make-up was good and she looks more gorgeous than ever in close-ups, but yeah, that picture as a whole there isn't that great either. I'm not the biggest fan of the fabrics. Like, it could have been better executed, but it is a pretty classy look.

  3. The 1st one is tragic, the 2nd one is whatever.