Friday, August 12, 2016

Sonam Kapoor in Sandra Mansour & Anamika Khanna at the Melbourne Indian Film Festival

Sonam Kapoor is at the Indian Film Festival which is being held in Melbourne, Australia. She posted a few pics of her looks on instagram from yesterday and today. 

Her first look featured a SANDRA MANSOUR white long sleeve layered lace embroidered calf length dress with a shimmery black twisted, cut-out crop top overlay. Sonam wears the dress very well but I would have loved to see the dress without the shimmery crop top. Love her hair & make-up which you can see a close-up image via her instagram. LOUBOUTIN black sandals finished up her look. 

Today she posted an image of her second look before her appearance at an awards event during the festival. She posed wearing ANAMIKA KHANNA lace embroidered long duster coat with the matching vest and pants. This was my favorite look of the two. I am kinda on the fence about the statement choker because it competes with her ensemble. However she owned this elegant look. Also another flawless beauty look as well to compliment it. 

Which one of Sonam's look do you favor?

Credit: Sonam Kapoor Instagram



  1. The first would look better without that hideous black top but the white fabric is still hideous and curtain like.
    The 2nd look reminds me of an insect, a gigantic moth.

  2. The first is a little too costume-y for me although she makes it work for her. The second totally rocks and she is looks like a star.

  3. I love the second look based on how she is rocking it.