Sunday, September 18, 2016

Laura Carmichael in Delpozo at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards

Laura Carmichael was one of the few that stood out in color this evening(September 18th) at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in LA. 

She wore a DELPOZO RESORT 2017 two-tone dress which featured a yellow sleeveless beaded embroidered bow detail v-neck top and a lavender tulle layered floor length skirt. 

This design & color combo makes an interesting statement as with all of the brands pieces. However I wish the hair was sleeker like the models or at least similar. Also the creased seam detail on the bust looks odd. Overall, I like the idea of this dress but she isn't selling it to me. Does Laura's look work for you?

Credit: StarTraks Photo,



  1. Oh no. This is off putting. I do like the color combo, but this is a no

  2. "However I wish sleeker like the models or at least similar" -->> you mean the hair???

  3. Love the dress but she's letting it wear her instead of the other way around. The hair is a nightmare.

  4. The bodice is interesting, although the bow looks more like a malfunction, and the tulle skirt combo looks bad esp. with the "maternity" seam effect. This isn't working.

  5. She looks modern and fresh. Like this.

  6. The top looks interesting and I like the color - but after that its a confused mess. Does not work at all.