Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ruth Negga in Valentino at the 'Loving' Paris Premiere

Ruth Negga joined a group of leading ladies as the front runner for an Oscar nomination but even though she hasn't had any wow fashion moments, she did deliver some great choices. Yesterday(December 6th) she attended the premiere of 'Loving' at the Cinema UGC Normandie in Paris, France.

The actress stood out on the black carpet in a VALENTINO SPRING 2017 red pleated printed floor length turtleneck dress with three-quarter wide sleeves.  

I think this dress totally suits Ruth and it was the perfect look for the premiere. However I wish the hair & make-up stood on the same level. What do you think of Ruth's look?

Credit: StarTraks Photo,



  1. It looks like it's swallowing her whole. Like she's drowning in the fabric. I like the dress, but not on Ruth

  2. I absolutely love this look. She looks gorgeous. Yes, the makeup it's a bit dull but I will ignore it.

  3. I don't like anything about this. Not even the shade of red.

  4. I think it's a captivating gown, I like it on her, but her hair and makeup could've been better, I agree.

  5. Seriously, how tiny is she? It seems like everything she wears swallows her up.