Friday, January 6, 2017

Vote: Who was your Best Dressed Celeb of the Week?

Happy Friday! Closing out the week with the 1st best dressed celeb of the week poll of the year. I feel like we had some great looks this week. My first pick was Emma Willis but then Gabrielle Union came along and snatched her spot with Ruth Negga in second. Who is your pick for best dressed celeb of the week? Also be sure to check back on Sunday for the red carpet looks from the Golden Globes! 

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Credit: InstarImages



  1. This w3k was super tough! In the end, I went with Ruth Negga for being so different and edgy, and actually making a Rodarte look great. But I really struggled with it b.c I also loved Janelle, Octavia, Emma, and Gabrielle.

  2. This was a hard week!! But I voted for Gabrielle because I just loved her look so much. My runner up is Emma Willis and Hailee

  3. Uff.., They all look gorgeous. Finally a very good week with stronger contenders. I agree with Katie Arnold, my vote goes for Ruth Nega.

  4. My vote went to Ruth Negga. I liked how chic and natural she looked. Followed by Michelle and Janelle.

    Excited about the Golden Globes this Sunday, and specifically looking forward to seeing what Naomie Harris is going to impress us with. She is being styled, if I'm not mistaken, by the same stylist who took Lupita through her successful awards season.

  5. Noone. I cant choose. All of them didnt look good.