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8 Fashion Myths Debunked

We know how much you love a good challenge. You jump out of planes, relish in ice bucket challenges, crush marathons and have vowed to watch every movie Nicolas Cage makes – just to prove that you can.

Whatever bar you set for yourself, you always surpass it with grace and gusto. But, girl, the secret is out. Regardless of your drive to live dangerously, you are a rule follower at heart. Which is why it’s so hard for you to throw caution to the wind when it comes to fashion faux pas and perpetuated “rules” to dress by.

Have no fear, daring diva, the myth busters are here. No, we’re not going to light a car on fire and drive it off a cliff just to prove it can’t fly (though we’re pretty sure it can’t). Instead we’re going to set you free of those proverbial fashion chains that have kept your personal style grounded for years. Check out our list of the 9 biggest fashion myths and why they’re nothing but bunk.

Fashion Myth #1: No White After Labor Day

No doubt you’ve been hearing this one since the day you could walk (and dress your dolls). Relax, your mother didn’t lie to you (at least not about this), she was just a victim of her times. Thankfully your future is a lot brighter than your fashion-starved mama. The 2011 runway flipped the script on this out-of-date rule and made it stylish to wear white after September. So, feel free to rock that gorgeous white dress regardless of season – because you are a vision who won’t be tamed. 

Myth #2: I’m Too Old For This
Never (!) is the short answer. The long answer is – well-fitting clothing knows no age. If you look good and get a confidence boost from wearing a playful romper, distressed denim or snakeskin booties then by all means go for it. 

Myth #3: Sequins Are For Evening Only
We wouldn’t advise you to wear body glitter to your morning staff meeting, but a little sparkle in the light of day never hurt anyone. A sequined blouse paired with a pencil skirt and blazer can bring a bit of class and levity to any office break room. Or add some sparkle with a thoughtful piece of statement jewelry. Either way, a bit of glam to break up the monotony of the day is never a bad thing. 

Myth #4: Larger Prints Are For Larger Women and Smaller Prints For Smaller Women

Ok, this one reads a bit of that old-school body shaming, doesn’t it? A good print is just that – a good print. Don’t let the number on the tag determine what look you should be wearing. Because the only opinion you should care about is that of the horizontal-stripe-wearing-hottie in the mirror. 

Myth #5: Black and Navy Don’t Mix
Why was this ever a thing? Unless you’re someone that often gets dressed in the dark and never looks in a mirror before greeting the world, there’s only the slightest of chances someone might think you accidentally put on two different colors. Put your personal Judge Judy’s mind at ease by incorporating a third contrasting color into your look like white or gold to make it crystal clear that your style is always intentional. May we suggest a fun navy gingham top with a pair of skinny black jeans to close the case on this fashion myth once and for all?? 

Myth #6: Shorties Shouldn’t Wear Long Dresses

Shopping the “petite section” doesn’t have to mean missing out on floor sweeping long formal dresses. Granted, being on the smaller side sometimes means doing a little extra legwork (yes, pun intended) to look like a million bucks. Finding a dress made from light fabric that doesn’t bunch in places it’s not supposed to is key to getting the most from your jaw-dropping look. And wearing a heel to elongate those sexy legs doesn’t hurt either. 

Myth #7: High Heels Are Classier Than Flats (but don’t even think about it if you’re tall) 
Call us conspiracy theorists if you want, but we have a sneaking suspicion that a man came up with this totally ridiculous rule. First of all, just because it’s a heel doesn’t make it classy (Exhibit A – any college campus on Halloween). You can have your Cinderella moment just as easily in a pair of fabulous flats as you can in high heels. Secondly, footwear shouldn’t be treated like a ride at Disneyland. There is no height requirement when it comes to the illusion of long, sexy legs. Short or tall, flats or heels, wear whatever shoes your feet fancy. 

Myth #8: You Have To Break The Bank To Get Quality Clothing:
We’ve all done it – spent too much money on a trendy item we had to have only to find it cheaper (and better made) elsewhere. Regardless of what the Kardashians have taught us, you don’t need to spend all of your hard-earned cash to dress your best self. Give in to your fashion forward self and stock your closet with cute and affordable outfits (like these dresses under $50) that will have you looking like a million bucks (and let you save a couple in the process).  

Credit: Red Dress Boutique
Disclosure: I was financially compensated for this guest post which was written by Red Dress Boutique

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