Tuesday, March 12, 2019

CheriStories: Curling with 'The Hero Chopstick Styler'

Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I love to wear my hair bone straight. However I had the opportunity to try the CHOPSTICK STYLER, and I said so long to my straight hair. 'The Hero Chopstick Styler' is definitely a magic wand because it allows you to create strong, playful curls, with long lasting style, and volume. With an glamorous, iridescent design and a rectangular Titanium barrel, 'The Hero' allows you to achieve long-lasting curls. I have medium length hair, and my curls lasted for more than a week, and they probably could have gone longer but I was ready to re-wash, and freshen them up. 

The Chopstick Styler is so easy to use, and frankly you can start curling your hair anyway you like. You can either part it in four or like me, I just did a side part, and then part it down, and around. Clipping the sections that I wasn't ready for, I took small sections, wrapped it around the wand for six seconds and then slowly pulled the wand from out my hair. My curls were nicely tight, and after wards I teethed my hair a little because I wanted to separate the curls a little. Just like that, I had instant fab curls. For $35, you can give yourself beautiful curls as well, without the salon price.

At night, I simply wrapped my hair in a scarf and in the morning, I gave my curls a toss with my hands, and kept it moving. I didn't need to touch them up with the wand or anything, because my curls still looked fresh, with bounce. This goes without saying but be sure to use a moisturizer and/or conditioner on your hair, not only for heat protection but to ensure your hair has some extra shine. For more details on this product and other products from the beauty brand, visit https://chopstickstyler.com/.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a product sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own and based on my experience. Try at your own risk.

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