Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Cardi B for Balenciaga Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Cardi B is celebrating the success of her new hit song ''WAP'' and her celebration continues as the new face of the Balenciaga Fall 2020 ad campaign. The campaign is promoting the fashion house ''Neo Classic'' handbag and Cardi's ad campaign is visible on the side of the Louvre museum in Paris. If you follow Cardi's style, you know that she is no stranger to luxury fashion or the Parisian style scene so this collaboration and placement of the ad is very fitting. Cardi looks beautiful and apparently the ad was shot at her home with the help of her personal glam squad. In the ad campaign, Cardi is rocking a hybrid catsuit-dress from the Fall 2020 collection. You can check out and shop of the the ''Neo Classic'' handbags at Balenciaga.com.

Credit: Balenciaga via Cardi B

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