Monday, June 21, 2021

Instagram Style: Chelsea Lopez in Shuting Qiu at the ''Molly Robber'' World Premiere

Following her previous look, Chelsea Lopez is back on the promo scene for the film ''Molly Robber'' and her stylist Jared Eng posted her look on instagram

Chelsea is serving all the cray fashion that we never knew that we needed and I for one don't mind it. For the second time in a row, she posed for the gram in a SHUTING QIU FALL 2021 ensemble. This really has a lot going on with it, more so than the previous look from this collection. 

It also features pieces from the previous look which I wish that she switched up but there is nothing wrong with repeating a look. I actually love the other look more but this is Chelsea and from what I have gathered so far about her style, she can handle this. 

It might not be to our taste but give a hand to Chelsea and her stylist for taking a fashionable risk and giving us an eye-catching look. EF COLLECTION & MELINDA MARIA jewelry finished up her look. What do you think of Chelsea's instagram style on this occasion?

Credit: JaredEng instagram,

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