Thursday, July 1, 2021

Instagram Style: Jhene Aiko in Atoir

We don't see enough of Jhene Aiko but when we do, she always looks gorgeous. Her stylist iCON Billingsley posted her new look on instagram this evening(July 1st). 

She posed for the gram in floral ATOIR ensemble which featured the ''Hali'' dress and the matching ''Barbados'' wide-leg pants. A printed ensemble like this can be hard to pull off but this dress and pants comb worked together perfectly. 

The pants could have easily swallowed her petite frame but she pulled it off with ease. Also the background makes a difference on how your look can visibly be interpreted and Jhene posed in a nice location outside. A simple but flawless beauty look and gold jewelry completed her look. 

Credit: Icon Billingsley instagram, Atoir

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