Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Louis Vuitton SS2022 Paris Fashion Show

The LOUIS VUITTON SS2022 fashion show took place today in Paris and the fashion house notable ambassadors and loyal celebs were in attendance. They were all wearing LV RESORT 2022 unless otherwise stated, along with accessories from various collection. 

Stacy Martin had the right idea when she swapped out the white runway's pants for black. The top is voluminous and dramatic but she is pulling it off and the styling helps it all come together in a chic way. 

Regina King's top half looked great but I am not feeling the bottom half. I kinda wish she kept the runway's pants or wore long pants in general, with some pumps.

Samara Weaving wore a look that has a lot of different things going on and it comes off as a band or military uniform like most pieces in this collection but it's not a bad look on her. I just wish the hair was completely off-the-shoulders. 

Laura Harrier's ensemble wasn't shown on the runway but it is a cute look for her but I dislike the feathers on the sleeves. 

Jennifer Connelly is always wearing the hard to wear LV pieces. I would have loved to see her dress without the jacket and the boots but this is how Jennifer does things.

Eiza Gonzalez looked great wearing a printed cape which I thought was cute with the exception of the pockets. 

Chloe Bailey is so beautiful with a nice body but her edit of her dress is not working at all. It was turned into a sexy version which didn't work in her favor. I think she could have pulled the dress off as presented on the runway with the boots. 

Catherine Deneuve looked great wearing a FALL 2021 printed jacket and accessories which was styled with a simple black dress underneath. 

Ana de Armas dress is cute but I wish that it was a bit more tailored on her and I would swap out those boots for a simpler, less heavy heel. 

Agathe Rousselle looked wearing her military ensemble and even though I think she could have pulled the jacket off with the runway's pants, her styling works perfectly as well. 

Alicia Vikander made a rare appearance and her ensemble is cute but that jacket is the star here. 

Cynthia Erivo chose a dress in a hue that looks perfect against her melanin skin. She is pulling off that loose, shift shape and I am glad that the leather hem panel was removed. But I'm not feeling her shoe choice. The satin texture and dark navy shade is not working for me. On this occasion, I would have loved white sandals or pumps here.

Grace Van Patten is wearing a printed and leather panel, cross over dress and although I am not totally in love with this piece, it works for her. 

Maria Bakalova wore a white printed panel jacket with voluminous, statement sleeves. I am not feeling the LV pieces that she is wearing underneath but that jacket is a winner. 

Nicolas Ghesquiere the creative director, posed with Phoebe Dyvenor who was wearing a shimmery, two piece ensemble. I am not feeling this ensemble but the styling is better on Phoebe than on the model. 

Credit: InstarImages, Vogue.com, Louis Vuitton

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