Monday, January 22, 2024

Schiaparelli SS-2024 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show Arrivals

The Schiaparelli SS-2024 Paris Fashion Show took place to today as part of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and the celebs arrived wearing SCHIAPARELLI of course. 

Jennifer Lopez wore a white coat which was made of 7,000 real rose petals, that was kept fresh and alive by sugar water, also known as hummingbird nectar. Hear me out, I love the idea behind this look and the coat is definitely impactful. However, I don't see JLo as a ''Schiaparelli Girl'' because of her very sexy style. I don't think this is a bad look though but the hair and the glasses are especially not working for me. It comes off as if she is trying too hard in the face and she doesn't have to because she's JLo.  

Zendaya made a dramatic entrance wearing a black ankle length dress with a draped, train detail in the back. I wonder how she sat down in this thing. I feel like this is more of an editorial piece or maybe for a move premiere. However, it's Paris fashion week, and this is what it's all about. But there are too many detailed elements that are competing with each other here. Also, it looks like a ponytail on her butt. However, kudos to her because what makes her the style star that she is, is that she takes fashion risk and somehow she made this over-designed piece work. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN pumps finished up her look. 

Savannah James and Bella Thorne showed how wearing the same FALL 2023 black off-the-shoulder suit. I wonder how pr dropped the ball on this. However, they both looked equally great but I am digging Bella's look a little more because the hat enhanced it. Still, Savannah looked gorgeous.  

Sabrina Elba wore a SPRING 2024 ensemble and I thought she looked great. I love this from head to toe. 

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